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     I am 8-Bit Steve. I currently hold over 30 video game world records which can be found by clicking the Speedrun.com link at the top. I am a fanatic for the NES and pretty much anything from the 80's and 90's. I have been a part of several game streaming pages and traveled all over the US and Europe performing live shows and sharing my love for these old games with anyone who was willing to listen. 


   I no longer stream due to time and family constraints but I still release offline content to Facebook and Youtube. I have a podcast called "The 8-Bit Steve Show" where me and my friend The Retro Runner break down speed run topics and interview world record holders. You can check it out at the link in the navigation menu.  


  I am also working on a book series called "The Easy Way" the first book in the series is on Friday the 13th for NES. The book will be hitting KickStarter very soon so stayed tuned into my Facebook feed for news.