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     I am 8-Bit Steve. I am Speedrunner and High Score enthusiast with over 25 video game world records. I am a fanatic for the NES and pretty much anything from the 80's and 90's. I have been a part of several game streaming pages and traveled all over the US and Europe performing live shows and sharing my love for these old games with anyone who was willing to listen. I am also a published author, you can find more information about that below. I currently stream on twitch from time to time so check me out there. I will be working on more video game world records across 2020 so check my social media pages for updates. 




 I have a book book series called "The Easy Way". The Easy Way is a modern perspective on a retro video game strategy guide. You can learn how to complete Friday the 13th for NES in just about 10 minutes at any skill level. I am partnered with Hagen's Alley Books. They are the largest and highest quality publisher of retro video game books in the USA. The book completed its Kickstarter campaign on February 2nd 2020 and finished with 3.5 times the goal and over 100 backers. You can find it here: The Easy Way: Friday the 13th


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    The 8-Bit & Retro Podcast explores video game world record topics in speed-running and high scores. The goal is to help causal or mid level gamers become more educated and interested in this area of gaming. There is a featured game each week that is reviewed and explored from a casual perspective and then a featured guest that is an expert on that game is interviewed for further exploration. The show is hosted by multi world record holder and video game educator 8-Bit Steve. The co-host of the show is TheRetroRunner who is high a level Ninja Gaiden speedrunner on the NES. Together they provide a bridge into the elite gaming world while also having as much fun as possible.