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It has been a long and strange journey for me over the last decade. I started actively working as 8-bit Steve in 2011 and that has taken me through speedrunning, podcasting, score chasing, live events and guest appearances all across the USA and Europe, and my favorite thing of all writing my own NES books. If you follow anything that I do you will know that I am an absolute manaic for the NES.


I am actively working on score chasing. I started working on that really hard at the start of 2021. I upload scores/times to Twin Galaxies and LVL Up Score. I am also slowly still trying to beat every NES game, it is a slow process that will still take me many more years of life to complete due to the busy nature of my other projects. You can check out my world records and my completed NES games from the links at the top. 

I have plenty more books in the works outside of the The Easy Way. The Easy Way series is still being developed but it is going more slowly due to other projects. Stay tuned to my social medias and my discord server for updates about new books and projects.

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NES PRO Magazine is an NES-focused magazine brought to you by NES professionals. We have NES lovers from all walks of life and every corner of journalism and content creation on our staff.  The magazine will be released quarterly, and you will be able to lock in the first two issues for this year in addition to issues 3 through 6 for next year in this campaign.  The magazine will feature articles, editorials, and interviews from some of the coolest NES people around. We are also innovating and pushing the boundaries of what makes a gaming magazine by creating new categories loaded with awesome content for our readers.  If you love the NES, this is the magazine for you!

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 I have a book book series called "The Easy Way". The Easy Way is a modern perspective on a retro video game strategy guide. You can learn how to complete Friday the 13th for NES in just about 10 minutes at any skill level. I also have books available for Festers Quest, Jaws, and Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!. 

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