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It has been a long and strange journey for me over the last decade. I started actively working as 8-bit Steve in 2011 and that has taken me through speedrunning, podcasting, score chasing, live events and guest appearances all across the USA and Europe, and my favorite thing of all writing my own NES books. If you follow anything that I do you will know that I am an absolute maniac for the NES.


In November of 2023 I became the all time ESI (Expert Skill Index) leader for the Nintendo Entertainment System after five long years of work. Because of this, High Score world records will be put on hold indefinitely while I get back to completing NES games in 2024 as I still have about half the library to complete

I will be releasing two 450+ page hard cover books in 2024 that I helped co author. Keep track of my twitter to see the announcements in Quarter 1 of 2024. 

Fester Cover-new.jpg

 I have a book book series called "The Easy Way". The Easy Way is a modern perspective on a retro video game strategy guide. You can learn how to complete Friday the 13th for NES in just about 10 minutes at any skill level. I also have books available for Festers Quest, Jaws, and Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!. 

The books are currently SOLD OUT across the board and will no longer be offered for sale online. 

Jaws Cover- new.jpg
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