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What is TheMichiganRunner?


TheMichiganRunner is a tribute project where 8-Bit Steve is replicating TheMexicanRunners NESMania twitch stream project that aired from 5/28/2014 until 2/26/2017. The Michigan Runner officially started on December 13th 2017 and was live streamed. Currently The Michigan Runner is released as offline content that is uploaded to Facebook and Youtube. The Michigan Runner is a reboot of the original Project Steve's Quest, information on Steve's Quest can be found at the botoom. 

Why are you doing this?


I have always dreamed of beating all the games on the NES. I talked about the idea many times when I was young but nothing really ever came of it as I grew up. Watching The Mexican Runner actually do it and seeing just how hard and grueling it is inspired me to attempt it myself.  I decided that if I was going to do it, then I should at least use the standards and practices of the first man to ever accomplish it, TheMexicanRunner.

Why are There 714 Games?

Game List(Click Here For a Full list)

Here is an excerpt from TheMexicanRunners Website:

"There are 679 NTSC-US released games and 35 PAL exclusive games, totaling 714 games. When the project started, I referenced the Wikipedia list of licensed NES games and it had 708 games, but the viewers of my project uncovered some missing games over the course of the project. The total eventually ended up at 714."

Rules & Guidelines

  • All the games will be played on an AVS system from or on an original NES console. The AVS will allow me to record the games at 720p with no issues or special console modifications. For the zapper games I have to use an original CRT and in those cases I will use an original NES front loader or top loader and a CRT television. 

  • I will use the original cart whenever possible but I will also be using the Powerpak from whenever I see fit. Its more accurate than emulation and is not distinguishable from an original cart in 99% of cases. 

  • I will be using an original NES controller. No turbo controller or other third party devices are allowed. If TMR uses a controller that is not a standard controller I will use the same peripheral that he used. Examples of this are the vaus controller for Arkanoid, The Power Pad, R.O.B the Robot, Power Glove, and the Miracle Piano.  

  • I will use all of the win conditions stipulated in TMR's spreadsheet which can be found here. I may modify them slightly in a case by case basis as long as I feel the spirit and integrity of the project remain in tact. 

  • I will use hints, spoilers, glitches, or any other speedrun approved methods to beat the games. If TMR specifically mentions a particular way of beating the game such as "Warpless" or "100%" then I will use those criteria. I will omit some large glitches that skip the entire game or I feel are disingenuous to what TMR did. 

  • I will not use any codes or cheats that are not present in the games instruction manual. 

  • Once I start a game I will not move on to another game until that game is finished. 

Steve's Quest Explanation

     This project was restarted in a live stream format on December 13th 2017. Before that I had a project called Steve's Quest where I was beating all the games on YouTube and uploading them as offline content. I beat 186 NES games on Steve's Quest and with a project this long and large I didn't want to lose all that progress. The projects were officially combined March 21st 2019. When the projects were combined I had beaten 58 NES games on Live stream but some of them were repeats from YouTube. When I started Steve's Quest my rules and methods were less regulated than they were when I turned the project into The Michigan Runner so I re-evaluated each YouTube video to see if it fit the requirements of my current rule set. Below is a list of games from YouTube that were disqualified. I also took a few shortcuts when producing the Michigan Runner during the 58 games and so I re-evaluated each game on a case by case basis and compared it to TMR. The following are games that were disqualified that I will have to complete properly. 

Steve's Quest

Dragon Warrior - Not all of the video evidence was present

Super Mario Bros - Did not meet TMR's Win Condition

Super Mario Bros 3. - Did not Meet TMR's Win Condition

1943 - A Turbo controller was used for the final section of the game

Super Pitfall - A Credits Gltiched was used

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Did not meet TMR's Win Condition

Fisher Price: Firehouse Rescue - Didn't play the full game

Fisher Price: Perfect Fit - Didn't play the full game

Fisher Price: I Can Remember - Didn't play the full game

Mickey's Safari in Letterland - Didn't play the correct difficulty

Mickey's Adventure in Numberland - Didn't play the correct difficulty

Rescue the Embassy Mission - Didn't play the right difficulty

Magic Darts - I did not play all the modes

Anticipation - Did not meet TMR requirements

Othello - Did not meet TMR requirements

California Games - Did not meet TMR requirements

Wizards and Warriors - Used a glitch that skips levels

Jackal - Played the game using 2 players

World Championship Wrestling - Used a Turbo controller to beat the final boss

The Michigan Runner - First Edition (First 58 games)

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia - Used a Credits Warp Glitch

Duplicated Playthrougs:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Silver Surfer



The Legend of Zelda

Monster Party

Mike Tysons Punchout!!

Legacy of the Wizard

Ninja Gaiden 2


Mega Man 3

Ice Hockey

Pro Wrestling


Blades of Steel

Adventures of Lolo

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu



Batman Return of the Joker


Whomp Em

Expections / Special Cases

Hollywood Squares: I didn't win the car as TMR stipulated. Winning the car at the end of the game is totally random. Replaying the game over and over just to try and randomly win a car serves no purpose in my opinion and therefore the play-through I have recorded will stand. 

186 Games on YouTube

Subtract 21 Disqualified games = 165

Add 58 The Michigan Runner Games = 223

Subtract 1 disqualified game from The Michigan Runner = 222

Subract 22 Duplicate games = 200 Completed Games

Add 2 Games completed outside of SQ and TMR = 202

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